Everyone Can Prepare

We can all prepare without hoarding toilet paper or stocking up on 80 zillion rounds of ammunition.  No offense to those who do that, you have a different calling.  My call is to lead others to be prepared and support a revolving provision of donations to hungry people in our communities today, sans disaster.  If each of us is at least minimally prepared with 2 weeks of water, food, and basic supplies we can stay calm and get through a crisis or get through the first part of a more prolonged disaster.

The plans I’m sharing will help ensure that you will always have the freshest stock available for your family and your neighborhood while being able to regularly donate to local food pantries.  You can’t donate 200 hundred year old Jell-O® or evaporated milk past the “best by” date so keeping your stock fresh and rotated is key.  Canned and dried goods last a lot longer than the best by date or even an expiration date may indicate, but why hold onto something that you may need tomorrow but for sure can be used today to benefit someone?

You can start today.  If canned corn is on sale for .33 cents buy a can and put it in a special spot.  Behind your sofa, in a cabinet, under a bed.  Once you purchase your first canned good be sure you own or buy a hand-operated can opener.  You can get a really solid manual can opener for under $10 or as little as a $1 from a dollar store.  Please get one.

Get excited that you came here today for a reason!  Take an action to prepare for your family.  Click around to see budget plans, ideas to build your water supply, menus, a donation schedule, and more.


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