Day 1-Crisis Menu Ideas

Day 1-Crisis Menu Ideas (pdf)

Day 1-Crisis Menu Ideas
Meals 1, 2, 3, and Snacks

Eat from the refrigerator.

Get creative and prepare salads, sandwiches, hard boiled eggs (if you can boil water), use the milk for bowls of cereal, mix yogurt with fruit or jellies, drink juice, and plan to eat every single leftover on Day 1.

You do not have to start cooking or using everything from your freezer….yet.  Day 1 is all about your fridge.

Most condiments (jellies, vinegar-based dressings, ketchup, mustard), butter, hard cheeses, pickles, olives, fresh fruits and vegetables will survive OK for days, weeks, or even a month without refrigeration.  All the meats, poultry, dairy, and cooked foods though will have to be discarded after only 4 hours without refrigeration.  When in doubt, throw it out!

The Refrigerator Buffet

1.  Eat all of the cold leftovers from your last meal(s).
2.  Use milk for bowls of cereal.
3.  Drink opened juices.
4.  Create chopped salads using your fresh lettuce and vegetables.  Use non vinegar-based dressings first.
5.  Serve fancy finger sandwiches.
Make a variety of sandwiches and cut them into quarters or smaller sizes.  Use fun-shaped cookie cutters if you’re in the mood. Use tortillas to make wraps or rolls.

  • deli meat delight (pile up these familiar meats with favorite condiments and toppings)
  • bologna and bologna and cheese
  • plain cheese
  • cheese and tomato (to-mah-to) (mayo, sliced tomato, lettuce, and delicious cheese)
  • cucumbers and cream cheese
  • watercress or spinach and butter (mix some softened butter, grated lemon zest and chopped fresh herbs; top with watercress or spinach)
  • cheddar and pickle
  • blue cheese and grape (sprinkle blue cheese on bread; top with thinly sliced grapes)
  • chocolate-jam  (hazelnut spread (Nutella®) and whatever jam is in your fridge)

6.  Eggs, anyway you can:  scrambled, poached, fried, hard boiled
7.  Make tuna salad sandwiches using refrigerator items like celery, mayo, relish (or your favorite recipe)


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