Day 2-Crisis Menu Ideas

Day 2-Crisis Menu Ideas (pdf)

Day 2-Crisis Menu Ideas 

Eat from the freezer.

On the second day of a power outage, the food in your refrigerator is now potentially unsafe.  It’s time to make plans for preparing and eating your freezer foods.

  • Eat casseroles, meals, TV dinners, and any other cooked foods you may have frozen (lasagna, cooked hamburgers, meatballs).
  • It’s ice cream and popsicle time.
  • Mix fruit with whipped topping.
  • Make freezer creations to cook in a foil packet.
    • How to make a foil packet:
      • Use a large piece of heavy-duty foil. Double up if your ingredients are heavy.
      • Spray with nonstick cooking spray if you have it.
      • Put ingredients in the center – meats (on the bottom), vegetables, spices, oil, etc.
      • Fold the sides and seal the edges.
      • These can be cooked in a campfire, on the grill, in an oven (your gas oven may still work in a power outage)
  • If it’s safe to get outside, coordinate a neighborhood cook-out using steaks, burgers, chicken, hotdogs, and other raw and thawing meats from your freezer.

Sadly some of your freezer foods will be wasted.  Good organization before a disaster will help minimize waste (i.e. knowing what you have in the freezer, what will thaw first, having equipment to cook, etc.).



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