Jesus is the Only God

I know it isn’t popular and some people use Jesus or Christianity as a weapon or a threat but there is only one God and His name is Jesus.

A common theme in religious discussions today is to highlight the commonalities among religions and to emphasize acceptance and getting along by saying there are many ways to God and Heaven.  Jesus is not a religion, He is God.  He is grace.  All people are wanted by God and all must come to Him through Jesus.  He deeply loves all people.

Christians share the heart of Jesus and also want all people to come to Him.  We should not be about hating other groups or religions and we should not dilute the name of Jesus by hiding Him among many other Gods.

It would be like me bringing any man home to a wife and saying “Here is your husband. There are many husbands and any man will do.”  No. No!!  Many men could perform the duties of a husband but a wife has only one husband.  It would be insulting to suggest that any man is interchangeable with your husband.  You have one husband.

Jesus is the only God because He is the only one who paid our sin debt.  All we have to do is believe and accept Him.  He is gracious and compassionate toward us.  He loved us enough to cancel our debt with an over-abundant, complete, and final payment with His death on the cross.  He lives today and loves us more than anything or anyone can.


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