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Revolving Provision Steps

What is Revolving Provision?
God provides for us – We provide for others

Prepare your household for a short-term or prolonged disaster while developing a mindset to give to others through regular donations to your local food pantry.

Steps to Prepare and Donate
Step 1:  Pray and thank the Lord for His provision to you.  He loves you.  He made and owns all the supplies in the universe.  He wants to bless your socks off with provision after provision after provision.  Ask Him to guide you in how to use His provision to prepare your household and give to your neighbors and community.

Step 2:  Listen.  Read His Word.  Obey.

Step 3:  Develop a preparedness and provision outlook and lifestyle.

Step 4:   Storage. Designate a specific place inside your home for your emergency water, food, and supplies.

Step 5:  Water.  Build a 2-Week supply of water for your household.  Water Checklist (pdf)

Step 6:  Food.  Get your 3-Day Crisis food supply and create your plan.  3-Day Crisis Checklist (coming soon)

Step 7:  Food.  Build your 2-Week emergency food supply and menus.  2-Week Emergency Food Checklist (coming soon)

Step 8:  Supplies.  Gather basic emergency supplies for lighting, cooking, cleaning and hygiene, tools, and first aid. Basic Emergency Supply Checklist (coming soon)

Step 9:  Donations.  Finalize your donation schedule so you can begin providing to your local community food pantry.  Donation Schedule Worksheet (coming soon)

You are ready, Beloved!  Well done!!


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