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Taking Care of Things and Soul Clutter

It is easier to care for what you have if you can see it.  I’m talking to you who live in clutter and see piles, stacks, even neatly sorted bins of your belongings all over your house.  I’m in the process of selling my house and talk about clutter!  The house was in terrible shape and consequently so was I.  Living in clutter, thinking through clutter….good luck trying to thrive amidst clutter. 

Over the course of months and much help from my family (esp. dad) my home is now cleared of clutter and “staged” for real estate showings.  This morning I had the pleasure of wiping a cloth across the front of my dresser drawers.  You may find that silly, to find pleasure in a common household chore.  Maybe it is.  It taught me something:  Years of cluttered living distracted me from this simple pleasure of taking care of a beautiful piece of furniture which is no longer piled with clothes, books, belts, lotions, and anything else that needed a home.  I can see this piece and appreciate its lines.  I had access to it and could give it a quick wipe with a soft cloth.  I took care of it.

I couldn’t help but see the connection to my cluttered soul.  How does one take care of their gifts, their purpose, even their dreams if they cannot see them, appreciate them, and access them?  Who knew a simple act of wiping a dresser with a cloth could render a path to address the clutter in my soul.  What is soul clutter?  For me it is at the moment actually one of my gifts:  organization and planning.  I plan my day before I get out of bed, sometimes I’ve planned it the night before or it’s part of the week I planned before that.  I almost never finish everything I plan and note in a to-do list.  So I’ve been adding discouragement to my soul clutter.  What God gifted me with and has plans to use I commandeered and did it in the name of “using my gift.”  I am learning to lay the gift of organization and planning along with my other gifts before Him every morning and ask Him to plan my day and lead me.  You have to recognize, “see”, your soul clutter before you can address it.  The best way to completely see yourself is through your Creator, Jesus Christ.  He was and is and is to come!